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BSSM Awards [entries|friends|calendar]
Sailor Moon Awards

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week 102: I Love the 80's


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1. All icons must be Sailor Moon related. Duh.
2.You can only submit one icon per theme.
3. Icons should be no larger then 100x100 or larger than 40kb.
4. Do not go and get all your friends to vote for you just because they can. It wouldn't be fair to everyone else.
5. Do not steal another's icon and claim it as your own. You may ask permission to use an icon, but then credit the person who created it.
6. Do not vote for yourself.
7. Please no critism. We do not need any drama here.


Challenge: 103
Theme: Lyrical Interpretation
Status: Submitting


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Week 123 Results & Community Shutdown [31 Aug 2007|10:11am]
A fitting ending before our hiatus. We have a tie. XD;

congratsCollapse )

Due to severe lack of participation WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY ON AN INDEFINITE HIATUS. This community will no longer post themes or otherwise be considered active until either Coco-chan or I make an attempt to revive it.
For your Sailormon icontest needs please migrate to sm_icontest smicons_contest or bssm_battle.

Thank you and we love you guys. ^_^
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Week 123: Cross-Series Voting [24 Aug 2007|10:43pm]
Vote for one (1) icon.
Do not vote for yourself.
Do not vote more than once.

your future is bleakCollapse )

Voting ends by Sunday.
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123 Reminder: Series Crossover [19 Aug 2007|1:35am]
Submit an icon! D: This will be our last theme, as participation has been lax for a couple months. Hopefully when Coco-chan returns we will be able to revitalize this icontest, but at the moment a hiatus seems best.
But before that, let's finish Week 123! You have until this Friday, or when we've received five entries, whichever comes first.
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123 Submit: Series Crossover [16 Jul 2007|3:38pm]

You are being asked to take two distinct characters that only appear in two different "seasons" and feature them together in an icon. Examples would be PallaPalla from SuperS and Viluy from S, or Black Lady from R and Queen Nehellenia from SuperS.
Other characters may appear in the icon but those that appear throughout the series (senshi, friends like Naru, Umino, etc.) cannot be used to meet the theme requirement.
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122 Results: Ribbon [16 Jul 2007|3:35pm]
Only one submission so we have an auto-win!

congrats!Collapse )
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120 Results: Texture [19 Jun 2007|10:34pm]
Thanks to dark_branwen for making me realize I did not in fact post these results like I had told myself long ago. XD; Many apologies!

Read more...Collapse )
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122 Submit: Ribbon [19 Jun 2007|7:54pm]

Open to interpretation, but your icon must be related to the actual theme. One icon per user. Icons due this Friday, June 22nd.
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121 Results: Nudity [19 Jun 2007|7:50pm]
Congratulations! ^^

winner!Collapse )
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121 Voting: Nudity [16 Jun 2007|11:52pm]
Vote for two icons in order of preference. Only one will place.
Do not vote for yourself.
Do not vote more than once.
Do not cheat. :)

take off that sailor fukuCollapse )
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121 Submit: Nudity [12 Jun 2007|8:27am]

Do you really need explination? XP One icon per user. Icons are due Friday, June 15th.

Vote for your favourite Texture icon!
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120 Voting: Texture [12 Jun 2007|8:25am]
Vote for one (1) icon.
You may not vote for yourself.
You may not vote more than once.
No cheating.

Read more...Collapse )
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120 Submit: Texture [29 May 2007|11:38am]

Rough, soft, coarse, silky... we're talking about literal texture here. Using a "resource" texture will not qualify the icon on its own.

One icon per member.
Due Saturday (or Friday, if we get at least three icons).
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119 Results: Make Your Own 'Ship [29 May 2007|11:36am]
Congratulations! Sorry about the wait. ^^;

♥♥♥Collapse )
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119 Voting: Make Your Own 'Ship [21 May 2007|8:27am]
Vote for one icon.
Don't for an icon based on the pairing or their reasons. Judge icons objectively.
Don't vote for yourself.
Don't vote more than once.

if destiny hadn't come between usCollapse )

bssm_battle's Battle 2 preliminary is being posted today. Join and give it a go if you aren't a member yet.
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119 Reminder: Make Your Own 'Ship [18 May 2007|7:03am]
You have until tonight to submit to the theme, Make Your Own 'Ship.
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119 Submit: Make Your Own 'Ship [14 May 2007|8:08am]
Make Your Own 'Ship

You must create an icon that features a pairing that you believe (would) make the ideal couple. This is not putting your two favorite character together--you are being asked to think, "Who would've made the better couple?" and then explain why you think it is. You must support your claim.
Your icon does not have to be lovey-dovey--they may also just feature them as a pairing. And your explinations aren't required to be lengthy--if you can convincingly explain in a sentence, that's fine.


Chiba Mamoru & Mizuno Ami
I think they are more suited to each other. Their personalities are similar and they are both ambitious. Also I felt a strong hint of this during that one SailormoonS episode where Tuxedo-kamen rescues Ami.

Chiba Mamoru & Meioh Setsuna (King Endymion/Sailorpluto)
I always got the feeling in the manga that Sailorpluto felt something a bit stronger than admiration for King Endymion. They are both mature and take their duties to heart. I think they would have been successful rulers and lovers.

You may submit only one (1) icon.
Icons are due this Saturday, May 19th.
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118 Results: Aquatic [14 May 2007|8:04am]

Congratulations. New theme up in a jiffy.

winnar!Collapse )
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118 Voting: Aquatic [13 May 2007|6:54am]

Vote for two (2) icons, in order of preference.
You may not vote for yourself.
You may not vote more than once.
No cheating.

my life aquaticCollapse )

Voting ends tonight.
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118 Reminder: Aquatic [08 May 2007|7:47am]
Submit an Aquatic icon by this Friday, May 11th.
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118 Submit: Aquatic [04 May 2007|8:51pm]

Interpretation is open. Explain if the icon isn't obvious. ^_^ You may submit two (2) icons. Entries are due by Friday, May 11th.
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